Kids Sleep Dr

Understand your child’s sleep patterns, help them sleep better

Developed especially for children, Kids Sleep Dr helps parents understand and improve the sleeping and waking patterns of their child - from new-born right through to teenagers.

Fill in your child’s sleep diary, understand their sleep patterns and receive sleep tips personalised to your child. Then everyone can sleep better.

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How it works

Record your child’s sleep patterns

Filling in the sleep diary is simple – just use your finger to ‘paint’ the wake and sleep times of your child. 

Compare with other children of a similar age.

Learn more about your child’s sleep patterns over time, see how they compare to children of a similar age, and share this information with anyone you choose.

Receive personalised sleep tips.

Unlike other sleep apps Kids Sleep Dr gives specific advice tailored to your child, based on age and the data you put in.

Know you’re in experienced hands.

These tips are distilled from the best research, clinical experience, and feedback from the hundreds of parents who pass through the Evelina Children's Sleep Medicine Department every year.

Relax and go back to sleep.

Unlike other mobile apps, the Kids Sleep Dr uses a unique colour palette that emits light rays which won’t disturb yours or your child’s sleep when using the app at night.


Key features

Kids Sleep Dr has features to make tracking your child’s sleep patterns simple to do.

  • Finger-painting style data capture
  • Easy to digest weekly summary report
  • Report sharing functionality
  • Personalised sleep tips
  • Non-disruptive colour scheme for use at night
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The App is launched!

The Kids Sleep Dr. app was launched on the 1st April 2015. See what happened below!

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