About us

Kids Sleep Dr is a collaboration between the Children's Sleep Disorder Department from Evelina London Children's Hospital and RMA Consulting.

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The Children’s Sleep Medicine Department is a nationally renowned centre of excellence for the investigation and treatment of disorders of sleep. This, the busiest sleep clinic in the UK, feeds years of proprietary research and expertise into the Kids Sleep Dr app.

Created by Professor Paul Gringras - founder and head of the Sleep Medicine Department - the app and its sleep tips are distilled from the best research, clinical experience, and feedback from the hundreds of parents who pass through the department every year.

London-based user experience and technology design firm RMA Consulting teamed up with Prof Gringras and the hospital to design and deliver the app as a pro bono project. Pulling from years of learnings and experience gained designing large scale digital solutions for clients across many industries they approached this philanthropic project with a view of creating an engaging and elegant app which parents would enjoy using.

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