Kids Sleep Dr has features to make tracking your child’s sleep patterns simple, without disturbing yours or your child’s sleep.

Non-disruptive colours

Research shows that most apps emit light containing blue wavelengths, which can disrupt sleep. Through designing and testing the Kids Sleep Dr app, Prof Gringras and RMA’s developers have developed a unique 'sleep-aware' colour scheme. As a result, any sleep disruption from using the app at night is minimised - a feature yet to be adopted by other sleep related apps.


Finger-painting data entry

Built using RMA’s own finger-painting method of data capture, parents simply glide their finger over the diary to quickly enter in their child’s sleep patterns.


Broadest children’s age range catered for

Also unique to the app is the age range the Kids Sleep Dr caters for – from newborns to teenagers. As the app gathers more data on a child the more tailored the tips given to parents are, based on age and other behavioural data entered.


Personalised sleep tips

Kids Sleep Dr tips are distilled from years of research, clinical experience, and feedback from the hundreds of parents who frequent the Evelina London Children's Sleep Medicine Department every year - the UK’s busiest sleep clinic.


Easy to digest weekly summary report

Parents can start to see and understand patterns in their child’s sleep through the easy to digest weekly summary report.


Report sharing functionality

Sharing sleep diary information is easy - use the report sharing functionality to send reports via email at the touch of the button.


Get started with improving your child’s sleep

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